Giving hope, health, balance and happiness to everyone's daily life.

Welcome to my Blog called “Healthy Routines”.

My page will include all the small things in life which can make you healthier, happier, mentally richer and smarter…

Latest from the Blog

Stores other countries

Whenever I go to other countries, I love going to supermarkets, local markets and other stores to find out about their food and their habits. This is something I liked since my childhood. Learning about food of other countries is also about learning other cultures and this makes one’s life so much richer and isContinue reading “Stores other countries”

Food and the future

Yesterday I went to an exposition about food in the future. The fact that we are with too many and in the future there will be issues for providing everyone enough food with the resources we have now keeps my mind busy. What will happen with our food in the future? This exposition, you willContinue reading “Food and the future”

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